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Tile Sealing Services

What Is Tile Sealer?

The sealer we use is a professional-grade tile sealer that cannot be bought at your local hardware store. Our sealer is pet and family safe, doesn’t have powerful smells, and drys fast. Our sealer is solvent-based and doesn’t add any shine to the floor or change the appearance of your tiles.

The tile sealer protects your tiles and grout for maximum stain resistance. This also helps keep your tiles looking great longer and makes them easier to clean. Depending on the amount of traffic your floors receive, it is a great idea to get them sealed. With time even sealed grout will get dirty and require cleaning and resealing. Our sealer usually lasts anywhere from 12-24 months but foot traffic plays a role in how long the tile sealer lasts.

As with anything else your floors need to be maintained once to several times per week using neutral floor cleaners. Bleach and other chemicals are caustic and can remove the protective coating the sealer applies to your tile and grout.

Should You Get Your Tiles Sealed?

Though we will always recommend sealer you are under no obligation to have your tiles sealed. If you have heavy foot traffic, and constantly drop food and liquids then getting your tile and grout sealed should help protect your flooring and keep it looking great longer.

When Is Tile Sealer Applied?

Tile Sealer is applied after your floors have been professionally cleaned and speed dried. Once your tile and grout have dried we apply the sealer to the cleaned areas. We then speed-dry your floor again to help in curing the sealer so you can begin using your floors again. We recommend you try to remain off the freshly sealed floor for as long as possible so the protectant can fully cure.

If you recently cleaned your floor or had another company perform the service we will not be able to seal your floor. Before sealing a floor, the floor must be properly cleaned by our company due to the possibility of sealing an improperly cleaned floor. Once the sealer is applied to dirty grout it is very difficult to remove.

If you’re looking to add this service in addition to your tile cleaning please let us know. This is an additional service we provide and comes with extra cost.

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Tile and grout pros, is a family owned business based in deltona, fl

We are a top notch tile cleaning company serving Volusia and Seminole County, Fl residents. We use only the best equipment and pet and family safe cleaning solutions to get your tile floors sparkling clean. When you choose us you get certified experts that do the job right the first time!

Best Tile & Grout Cleaning Services in Deltona, Fl

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Get your tile floors and grout sparkling clean again by calling the top tile cleaning experts today!

TIle & Grout Sealing

Have your tile and grout professionally sealed to help protect them against soil, grime and bacteria and keep them cleaner longer.

Grout Restoration

Are you sick and tired of the color of your grout?  Do you have small cracks or missing grout? We offer grout restoration services. Call us today!

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Julie AdamsonJulie Adamson
00:26 16 Jul 22
David did an amazing job cleaning our very light almost white grout on our tile floors. I’m so impressed with how great it tuned out. He was very thorough and cared about the results of his job. He was on time when he provided the quote and came on time for the service. It’s so hard to find punctual professionals who care about their trade. David was amazing and I’m very satisfied with the results. I wished I had a before picture- but I’ve included and after photo. We will use you in the future!!
Mark HarperMark Harper
23:26 20 Jun 22
very pleased with how our floors turned out. David was great to deal with and came to the house gave us a quote, scheduled us and turned up right on time. our floors look amazing now. after buying the house last year we didn't realize how much they needed a deep clean, the grout really comes up and looks like a fresh tile job, this tile is 20 years old.
Nader HackNader Hack
15:16 17 Jun 22
Extremely professional, courteous and did a fantastic job. I will definitely use this service again
Curt TomlinsonCurt Tomlinson
20:59 25 May 22
I had David clean my ceramic tile floor, he was totally professional and did a fantastic job even going over some the areas twice to make sure to take care of the more stained grout areas. His price was fair and I would recommend him to anyone needing their ceramic tile floors.
Debbie KnepperDebbie Knepper
10:06 17 May 22
David from Steam Master did a wonderful job, the carpets turned out great! He was on time and took pride in his work. I highly recommend this company and David for all your carpet cleaning needs..
What to Expect during your tile & grout cleaning appointment

Tile and grout will be inspected by technician to locate any damaged tile or grout or potential issues. The results will then be explained to the customer.

Tile and grout technician will then spray a family and pet safe cleaning solution on the tile to begin the emulsification process.

This will help to break down soil and grime.

We use a floor scrubbing machine to pre scrub tile and grout prior to the cleaning process. This helps remove as much soil and grime as possible. 

This is one of the steps that most tile & grout companies fail to do because they are in a hurry to get to the next customer. We take our time cleaning your floors.

We use a tile spinner which gently shoots very hot water at over 1000 psi and vacuums it up at the same time.

The dirty water containing soil, grime, and bacteria is sucked up through the hoses and filtered into the van. 

The cleaning tool is self contained and does not spray water anywhere but the floor. 


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